Thursday, May 23, 2013

A.N.N.E is funded, Thank you!

This has been a very intense 30 days of my life during which I have felt a wide range of emotions ranging from insomnia to euphoria. Stressful, exciting it will be burned in my memory forever and words cannot express how happy I am right now to have the chance to focus on A.N.N.E without worrying about running out of money and potentially going bankrupt... Because this is what my life was until now.

I took the decision to start A.N.N.E last September while I had a few months of severance to support me. Once that was gone I was running on credit cards and credit margins... I kept looking forward believing in A.N.N.E working through nights and days without doubting myself for one second. I had one goal in mind doing a Kickstarter campaign. That this would decide my fate for the coming year. I made a video, clicked the launched campaign button with shaky hands. A month later the sky is clear and I get to live the dream with the help of 4,113 believers that probably don`t realize the weight of their contribution.

Thank you.