About Gamesbymo

Hi, my name is Mo and I make video games.

I have been doing so for more than 14 years as a hobby and eleven years professionally. I started as a 3D artist and somehow made my way to be an Art Director. Among all the games I have been involved with, the project I am the most proud of is 'Chrono Resurrection' and unfortunately it never got the chance to see the light of day... But let`s put the past behind us.

I created Gamesbymo in late 2012 with the sole purpose of making games I want to play. Creating games that mix retro gameplay with modern sensibilities.

I cannot take all the credit for my games as of February 2016 I have been joined by Seb, an old friend and senior programmer, and together we have moved A.N.N.E onto the Unity engine. I am also working with incredibly talented guys from all over the globe.

Thank you for taking the time to read this !
Take the time to follow me : Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, cg society (old portfolio)

My first opus :  A.N.N.E. Previous games : Keshigomu (iOS), Boss Fight (browser)

Contact : mo[at]gamesbymo.com

Third person resume for all your media needs

Video game making person with more then 10 years of experience in the industry and countless extra curricular projects such as the acclaimed Chrono Resurrection fan project, Mo has always been obsessed with making games. Born out of a Nes and raised by a loving Super Nes it is no surprise that Gamesbymo's focus is on creating games with strong retro roots and modern sensibilities.