L’équipe Gamesbymo

Gamesbymo Inc. est un petit studio indépendant situé à Sherbrooke, au Canada. créé par Moise Breton, vétéran de l’industrie du jeu vidéo (THQ, Beenox). Gamesbymo a vu le jour en 2012 avec son premier projet, ANNE, soutenu avec succès par une campagne Kickstarter et financé par le FMC ( Fonds des médias du Canada) en 2016.

Gamesbymo a commencé avec une seule personne et est présentement composé de trois employés et plusieurs sous-traitants talentueux situé un peu partout dans le monde. Apprenez en davantage sur l’équipe si dessous.

Équipe principale

Moise Breton | President / Art / Design

Video game making person with more than 14 years of experience in the industry and countless extra curricular projects such as the acclaimed Chrono Resurrection fan project, Mo has always been obsessed with making games.

Born out of a NES and raised by a loving Super NES it is no surprise that Mo’s roots are deep in fast paced highly responsive retro gaming but with a strong embrace for the modern sensibilities. Mo is responsible for the story, game design, character design, programming (first prototype), producing, animating, fx, sound fx, pr, marketing, and being a dad.

Sebastien Dodier Bernier | Sr. Programmer

Seb has been programming games for DOS on his spare time since way back in back in 1996 and has since accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the industry working for Matrox and Ubisoft. He is responsible for programming pretty much all of the game features. Starting with Mo’s prototype, Seb was Able to bring the game back up to speed inside the new engine within a year while creating easy to customise A.I. and trigger systems.

David Dumont | Programmer

David came in to take over all the porting aspect of the game and has since done a whole lot more ranging from a path finding system to multiple control interface support allowing different types of gamers to enjoy A.N.N.E on their favorite platform. David has touched a wide range of programming languages working on applications ranging from Robot A.I. and interactive software programming.

Raphael Dumont Grant |Generalist / Integrator / enemy AI assembly

Raphael is an aspiring indie developer that came to Gamesbymo fresh out of school as an intern and has been a valuable team member since. With a strong passion for indie video games and Anime, Raph is responsible for assembling almost every enemies and bosses in the game all by himself.

Nicolas Veilleux | Q.A. / Community Ninja

Nicolas called in one day and showed his interest in joining the team and the rest is history. Nick is our in-house QA department and community ninja. Chances are he will be the one answering you if you have any questions on Discord.

Michael Breton | generalist / Level design

Mick is a newcomer to the industry and has proven to be a fast learner and is helping out with level design, level bug fixes, game object integration and testing.

Michael Fauteux | Level designer

Michael was working as a software programmer and also applied for a programmer position at Gamesbymo but what he got was a level design position when he confessed his love for the artform and doing great at a little level design test. During his 3 months with us, Michael was responsible for developing and creating many gameplay puzzles and dungeons in the game.

Music and Sound FX


Basiscape est un des studio indépendant de production de musique de jeux vidéo les plus prestigieux du Japon. Il est dirigé par le légendaire Hitoshi Sakimoto, rendu célèbre dans le monde du jeu vidéo pour avoir composé parmi les plus estimées des trames sonores des jeux de rôle des 20 dernières années, dont celles de Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story et Final Fantasy 12. Higashihara Kazuki est le compositeur en chef de A.N.N.E.

Équipe du prototype original

Takaaki Hashimoto (@Peposoft) | Programmer / Art / Design Consultant

Takaaki Hashimoto is a veteran indie developer from Japan. He has been contributing a wide array of work and ideas on the project since its very early days. Pepo helped with coding some features for the first prototype and also for the final unity version. He has also helped out with level design, game design, some art and sound FX!

Yamashita Tomoharu (MiYAMO)|Composer

Yamashita is an incredibly talented musician that spent most of his career as the founder composer and keyboardist of the Japanese band Conagusuri. Although most of Tomoharu’s work are rearranged Tou-Hou game music, he has created some amazing music for the A.N.N.E prototype.

Matt Karpinski | Animation

Straight out of Scotland, Matt has helped out with iconic animations at the very beginning of the project. Matt jumped in after seeing the early prototype demo at the IGDA Demo Night back in 2013. Matt has been working for big studios like Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment.

Thibault Stones | Sound FX

Thibault is a multi-talented indie developer. He has contributed some pretty rad sound FX for the prototype and some of them actually sneaked into the final game.

Team Brazil

Luis Felipe Kemmerich | Cover Art / Concept art / Pixel art

Luis has contributed a great deal of beautiful in game assets like the moon and the gomi planet artwork and much more. Luis was able to follow the art direction and sometime improve on it.

Marcos Lima Silveira | Animations / FX

Marcos is responsible for some of the coolest FX in the game and has contributed some cool boss animations.

Thiago Tunes | 3D models / animations

Thiago helped with making a lot of the ships in the game into 3D models and also helped animating some enemies.